Jason Worley

Written by Jason Worley who lives and works in Indianapolis building useful things.

Customizing hosts file in Docker

16 July, 2014

In a project recently I had a need to add an entry to /etc/hosts and being new to Docker I was surprised to find that hosts is read only…


BuildBorg for Glass

06 December, 2013

I have been excited to write something for Glass ever since I received it and now I am proud to announce my first project. BuildBorg…


Google Glass and Windows 8.1

20 November, 2013

I recently received my Google Glass as a part of the Explorer Program. So what was the first thing I tried to do? Connect to it with adb…


Google Glass for Rubyist

24 April, 2013

Disclaimer : I do not have access to the Google Glass Explorer Program. The code in this blog post is purely speculative, it is not…


Ruby, the Missing LINQ Blues

28 March, 2013

Having spent a lot of time in the realm of .NET I grew accustomed to LINQ or Language Integrated Queries. LINQ is a way to query…


Creating Custom Cane Metrics

20 March, 2013

Code quality is a major component of code maintainability. Sloppy or overly complex code is sure to doom a project. If another developer…


Rack::Test and JSON

13 March, 2013

I recently had the opportunity to make a simple JSON web service using Sinatra , and while testing it I came across something that wasn’t…


What is in a Type?

06 March, 2013

Ruby views value types differently then static-typed languages. Traditionally values like Integers, Chars, and Booleans are treated…